Week of October 31th

Happy Halloween! This week we will attend Mass on November 1st for All Saints Day.


Students will learn about safety for the lessons "Protecting Gods Children".

We will be attending church on Tuesday at 8:00am. Students will also learn about Sunday's Gospel and complete this weeks Promise Magazine.


We will review Topic 4, take Topic 4 test, start Topic 5 and learn doubles.

Topic 4 math test on Wednesday, November 2nd.


Unit 2 Week 2

The students will read "Three Little Dassies", "Cubs in a Hut", "The Pigs, the Wolf and the Mud" and "Homes Around the World". New words introduced: could, live, one, then, three.


Students will review short Uu.


Spelling test will be on Friday, November 4th over the words: run, fun, nut, cut, bug, rug, men, head, could, one.


Students will learn about nouns and inflectional ending -ed.


Students will learn about the planets.

Social Studies with Mrs. Weslow
Writing with Mrs. Quinn

Students need to complete 2 math and 2 reading lessons a week. Notes will be sent home informing parents on how many they have passed at school.

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Specials Schedule

Monday- Gym (Wear gym uniform)

Tuesday- Art

Wednesday- Computers

Thursday- Art

Friday- Music