Week of January 18th

I hope every enjoyed the nice three day weekend and had a great Martin Luther King Day! Please make sure students are bringing hats and gloves for recess. If girls are wearing a dress they may put on sweat pants underneath before going out.


We will continue to attend Mass on Tuesday. We will continue our Promise Magazine lessons. 

Students will also learn more about fire safety.


We will continue Topic 8. Students will reading and writing two-digit numbers as groups of tens and ones left over.

We will also be taking timed tests on Wednesday and Friday. They will be over 13 basic addition problems and will stay at 3 minutes. 


In reading this week the students will read new stories "From Cow to You", "A Food Chart", "A look at Breakfast" learn new vocabulary - after, buy, done, every, soon, work, work with long vowel Oo and Uu. We are learning SIX new words weekly! 

Make sure to practice reading at home! Frequency words are also very important to study! I will be testing the students next week over all Unit 3 words.


This week we will learn the sound and spellings of words with long vowel Oo and Uu.  The students will become aware of a second vowel in a word and how it changes the sound of the first vowel.  We will study the combinations oe, oa, o-e, and u_e.  


The words for the next test on Friday, January 21st are: book, look, cook, took, hood, wood, nose, cute, buy, done. Please make sure to study!


The students explore and learn to use IS and ARE.


Students will learn about measurement. Students will be able to measure different things hands on!

Social Studies with Mrs. Weslow
Writing with Mrs. Quinn

Lessons completed at school and at home.

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