Week of May 16nd

This week students will be complete I Ready Diagnostic Testing so they do not need to work on their I Ready lessons this week.


We will continue to attend Mass on Tuesday.


This week we will start Topic 15 all about shapes. Topic 15 Test is on Wednesday, May 18th. There is a practice Test on Savvas Realize. 

We will also have two timed test on Wednesday. Students have been doing a great job! Flash cards are a great way to study.


In reading this week the students will read new stories, learn new vocabulary - before, front, heard, push, tomorrow, your, and work with phonemes. 

Keep practicing those sight words and reading at home.


This week we will go over vowel sounds. We will also be doing intensive phonics.


The words for the next test on Friday, May 13th are: strike, spray, splash, split, scrape, three, know, write, your, heard. Please make sure to study! This test can be a little tricky!


The students will learn about possessive and special pronouns.


Students will continue to present their Animal Projects!

Social Studies with Mrs. Weslow
Writing with Mrs. Quinn

Lessons completed at school and at home.

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