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Week of October 2nd

Trot-a-Thon: October 25th at 12:25pm

October 6th No School

October 9th No School


Students will go to Mass every Friday at 12:30pm.

Students will start the Promise Magazine program and work in their religion books.


Students will start topic 3, Intro, counting on to add, counting on using a number line, doubles, doubles plus.


Unit 1 Week 

High Frequency Words:

fun, make, they, too

Main Story: 

"Kick! Toss! Hop!"

"Games Log Ago

"There are Day and There are Days"


Students will learn short o.


Spelling test will be Thursday, October 5th over the words: hop, top, log, hog, hot, lot, flip, black, they, too.

Please make sure to study at home!


Getting students learn about capitalization and punctuation.


Student will learn about the 5 senses.

Social Studies with Mrs. Weslow
Writing with Mrs. Quinn

Students will complete 40 minutes of reading and 40 minutes of math lessons each week.

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Specials Schedule

Monday- Gym (Wear gym uniform)

Tuesday- Art

Wednesday- Computers

Thursday- Art

Friday- Music

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